May 12th, 2005

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Name, Age, & location? Kati or Glide Age 19 in Delaware Ohio
What's your favorite mix? 5th Mix ^^
What system do you have? PS2
Can I have it? No o.o It's not all's also my little brothers
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? 2 years ago when I tried to compete in a DDR tournament with out any experance and got my butt handed to me by a guy who did worse then me
Other hobbies? Softball, Comcing, Reading, DDR and Writeing
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? None for me thank you!
What level are you at? Light- Standard by Heavy on some songs to Freestyle with my brother

I love to freestyle on Stomp to My Beat (Light) and One Two (Heavy) and Anime is another obssesion of mine ^^
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