May 11th, 2005

yay newbie!

Name, Age, & location? Steve 16 Connecticut
What's your favorite mix? 6th. Solely for Candy. And Cow Girl. And Max 300
What system do you have? GCN, but I use Stepmania and a cheap ignition pad
Can I have it? no
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? July 20, 2004. At a computer science camp.
Other hobbies? reading, writing, trying to be angsty and fail miserably ^_^
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? none
What level are you at? standard/heavy...more towards heavy. 8-footers.

My first heavy song...techinically is Heaven, but the first heavy song that I'm proud to annnounce is Holic. I like the song heaven, but the steps are standard-grade. So yeah...I say that my first heavy song is Holic.

And I'm in love you V (for EXTREME) heavy right now. Yummy...crossovers.
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Im new :)

Here is my application:

Name, Age, & location? Joey, 19, California
What's your favorite mix? 8th mix
What system do you have? Playstation2, Gameboy advance, and Xbox
Can I have it? Uhmm, no? ;)
When did this obses..I mean hobby start? Probaly during this past summer, my friends played it and i loved the music so i started playing.
Other hobbies? Drawing, reading, cooking, and DDR :)
Drug habits (alcohol is a drug)? None
What level are you at? Standard...heh^^; Im still new to it and i just started doing it on standard, but granted this is only on the playstation and stepmania...i can do light on the pads. Yeah, im really quite new.
Extra info? I love anime, and techno music so DDR is a good a way. Im totally obsessed with it and play it aloot. My favorite songs are: 321 stars, Breakdown, Burning heat, A, this japanese song, Moonlight Shadow, Miracle Moon, Sung Suk, Conga Feelin, Be Lovin, and Speed over Beethoven. I have more but those are my top faves :) I can get double A's on all those..but it doesnt mean much since its only on console -.-;;
So Yeah Hi! :D
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