April 17th, 2005


ok,welllllllllll, i guess this is my community now? woooot!

so anyways...how are all of you doing?im really bored.and work sucks.

who all has seen the amityville horror movie that just came out. i saw it tonight.what are your opinions on it and all that good stuff.LETS BE MOVIE CRITICS for about 5 minutes.k?k...readddddyyyyy....GO!


(no subject)

So I've finally been able to A Exotic Ethnic on Standard and Spin the Disc on Heavy (x2 speed). Working on improving my grade for A and Mahou No Tobria on Standard (getting D's on them right now). Still doing Max 300 every once in a while, but I think I'll do the Paranoias instead for a bit.

Also, my bf and I had our 5 month anniversary on the 15th ^_^ Heppi heppi.
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