March 7th, 2005


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So I tried Spin the Disc on Heavy and Sakura on Standard yesterday. Would have passed both if my feet hadn't hurt so much (I had walked around a bit barefoot on Friday 'cause my sandals got all wet and shiz...). Me = pwned by DDR :D

I will try again ;_;
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So, I suck at DDR. Shut up.

I'm trying to master the art of cross-overs. I have them kindadown, but I suck at them. Anyone have any advice? Or know of any songs that aren't extremely hard that have cross-overs so I can get practice? Also.. anyone have any advice as to how I can pass Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) on Standard? That song owns me every time I play it. Rawr.

Passed Sakura with a C on Challenge. Yeaahh. \m/ It's never going to happen again.

Thanks in advance. =)