January 30th, 2005


I miss the old days

Ahh man..looking at this community reminds of how I was SO DDR obsessed that it was all I wanted to do but now..it's like so last year. I mean last year in my english class(9th grade), my friends called me "DDR" since that's all I would talk about. It was funny though. And when I first started and went to the arcade with my brother and dad(since I didn't meet any friends yet since I was new to the thing) the feeling I got was just amazing. You don't know how good it felt to be up there and playing and feeling nervous but loving it. All the DDR regulars would come and I thought they were so awesome(they still are) but when I got to heavy, it got kind of boring. Everyone else was still obsessed and getting AA's when I only had about 5. The feeling died down, and so did my love for the game. I mean itw as so great putting your tokens up and waiting such a long time to get up there and when you finally get up you feel like you have to show off while everyone is watching. Getting cheers and comments from adults..I even had this one guy tell me that I should be on TV. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!

Now, no one goes there anymore. No one is as obsessed. There aren't the 20 DDR players surrounding the machine. You are lucky to find one more person. But not the same. Ahhh...playing at home is good enough for me now. I don't need to go EVERY Saturday like last year. Last year was the greatest.

Ok, I'm done.
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