January 28th, 2005

T-Shirt Hell

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i dont know how good ill be at the arcades, but im goin today to play. last time i played ddr, i royally sucked. but now........




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hey guys, here's a lil something ddrfreak_bb came up with....with some of my help :p

ok, so you know how you all whine about the gas prices, the snow being too deep so you can get to the arcade? Well, your worries and whines have been answered! meet the next revelation in ddr games: ddr online!!!!! just hook up your game console and mat to the PC, and presto! play with your friends online! (available for a limited time only...hah, jk!)

yea, that little introduction was my creation. and ddrfreak_bb came up with the idea with my help :p, but credit him :p