January 7th, 2005

so i herd u liek mudkips

DDR for the Cube


Saved from a press release (released today), I plan on translating it later.

Some basic information: It's for the Gamecube.
1-2 players, no release date as of yet, NO AMERICAN RELEASE IS PLANNED.
Dancing characters and background videos are replaced with Mario characters.
There are original minigames (like in Festival, but not the Eyetoy ones)

Rough translation:

Konami Ltd. (The headquarters: Tokyo Marunouchi and president: Tskitskisei) and Nintendo Ltd. (The headquarters: the Kyoto City south district and president: Satoshi Iwata) jointly develop NINTENDO gamecube software "Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO", and will put it on the market from Nintendo Ltd. this summer.

Music game "Dance Dance Revolution" (hereafter, DDR) put on the market from Konami Ltd. aiming at the amusement facilities got support from a lot of users as "Dance simulation game" that was invented 1998. The commodity is put on the market by abundant variations as domestic game software, and the domestic total shipment number has arrived at 4.1 million at the following.
(As of December, 2004. )

In "Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO" developing now, a light feeling of "DDR" is an attractive content that the production only of Mario's outlook on the world can also loading fully enjoy whoever or more as it is.
Moreover, a lot of original mini games etc. are collected.

I will exhibit jointly in the Konami booth and the Nintendo booth in "Next generation world hobby fair 2005" hall of Shogakukan being held from January 16 to 4 places in the whole country.

- Brand name:「Dance Dance Revolution with MARIO」
- Corresponding model: NINTENDO game cube
- Sale schedule: Summer of 2005
- Price: Undecided
- Number of players: 1-2 person
- Additionally: special mat bundle.

Game screens
Mario dances. A fully loaded game screen Hammer Brothers and 2P fighting game screen original mini-game


That's right, if you want to use my pictures, here's a BRILLIANT IDEA. SAVE THEM TO YOUR HARD DRIVE LIKE I DID.