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Time:11:02 pm
Shoes are quite important for DDR I have noticed.  I have a pair right now which allows me to move faster, since they seem to be more lightweight. . .

However, I am certain there is a pair out there that is even better.

What are the best DDR shoes?  What shoes do you prefer/ use? 
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Time:06:54 pm
hey...i just noticed there hasnt been much posting.

anyway, i was wondering where you could get one of those hard 'soft' pads..you know, the ones with the foam insert? im starting to get sick of my soft pads breaking. =P
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Time:12:19 pm
So yesterday I went to the arcade and there was this guy there who was doing double on heavy and gettng A's and B's. Turns out he's from Oklahoma and just visiting and apparently there's only 2 ddr machines in the entire state. WHAT THE HELL? I don't know. For me, someone who hasn't heard of DDR is like hearing that someone can't swim. (If you tell me you can't swim I will personally blow your face out.)
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Subject:first ddr game in forever!
Time:08:34 pm
I played my first game of DDR for at least two months now. I've been playing a lot of ITG since the machine is closer to school and it's... better. But still, there were some things I just wanted to do in DDR for a long time.


Kind Lady (5)
.59 (6) my previous best was like 15 lol
Look To The Sky (True Colors Mix) (2)
Spin The Disc (3)
My Summer Love (4)


Freckles (lol)
Kakumei (Challenge/Oni)

Other Stuff:

Finally passed MaxX Unlimited. Last time I tried I failed 4 times at the same part, the last 3-4 arrows. :\ This time I passed with an A and like 11 b.s. pad misses because our DDR pads are reaaally shitty.
AA'd Max 300 with 33 Greats and a miss. I always fuck up the purple/green notes at the end.

That's about it... thanks if you read all this crap! :)
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Subject:Got beat down
Time:03:15 am
For all of you that don't know I don't just play DDR but I also play In The Groove which is alot like DDR but harder and more complex so I went to the arcade and then I saw a guy that I used to play years ago and I challenged him to find out that he has been competing again. Which was horrid if you don't know DDR the max is blinking 10 feet which really means 11 feet the max on In the groove I believe is 13 feet if I am wrong sorry but that was the song that he chose I went up then 5 seconds later I fail. I feel horrible now I must go play more until I can beat him but I don't see that happening netime soon well talk to you people later
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Time:05:35 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
ddr mario mix came out on the 24th! yay! so has anybody bought it? i was going to, but i didn't bring enough money to the store. XD if you've got it, tell me if it's good!
on another topic, i drew a crowd THIS BIG at the movie theater! i feel like a movie star! XD
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Subject:The ALMOST most painful lesson I've learned
Time:03:24 pm
NEVER. EVER. PLAY DDR in biggie pants. NEVER.

*almost slipped doing A on heavy*
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Time:07:54 am
Well, even though it was only on the controller...

That, and I was 1 away from a AA on Sakura on heavy.

*feels accomplished*
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Current Music:WAGH!
Subject:Hay Babehs
Time:02:05 pm
Current Mood:soresore
Guess who got a grasp on PARANOiA KCET on Heavy?

My grandma.

No, it's me, I assure you.

Also, I've a storyyyyy. :D

Let's see, last weekend when I was visiting my older sister in Tampa, we went to the moviesto see Serenity (good movie btw) and of course, what would a cinema be without DDR?

A cruddy one, duh.

ANYWAY. As soon as these two little girls were done, I jump on that baby (DDR Extreme). Put my 3 tokens in, and start off with the most obvious choice if you were my DDR buddy, A. Heavy.

I give it my all, and it turns out I finish with X PErfect, X Great, 1 GOOD, 0 ALMOST and 1 BOO.

2 IMPERFECTIONS SHORT OF A AA. So I got an A instead.

Moving on, I try my luck at PARANOiA KCet on Heavy, barely pass it, am outta breath, try to do Ska a Go Go on Standard, but failed due to short breath from PARANOiA.

Ugh, I'm about to burst right now *dies* for a reason I care not to share.
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[icon] Dance Dance — LiveJournal
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You're looking at the latest 9 entries.
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