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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Role Playing

Degrassi RPG
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This is a role playing community for people interested in pretending to be a character off of the show Degrassi: The Next Generation. It's very simple, you decide on a character you would want to be, check and see if it's taken and then ask for it. Most likely I'll give you the part unless someone else already has that part.

RULES - you can't have a game without rules.
1. The game will take place at Father Figure part one. We'll start when we have half the characters [8 characters]. If you join teh community after we've already started I'll tell you what episode to start on.
2. The game doesn't have to turn out to be exactly like the show, although it needs to be realistic. You can't just kill someone off, you can change who they are currently dating and who they like, if both people agree to it. Don't make up stories about another character unless both people agree to it. If the other character isn't being played yet, go ahead and make a story but when/if the character is starting to be played then tell the other person about what's been happening.
3. Any out of character posts, comments, or questions need to be labeled ((OCC:)) so that way we know who's talking.
4. You need to have a new journal for your character, if you're already in a role playing community please sort out your friends group so it's less confusing.

Any questions go ahead and contact me by leaving a comment in the community or emailing me at: sell_yourself_short@insightbb.com

Characters -

Ashley Kerwin - rockon_ash
Craig Manning - _craig_manning
Ellie Nash - x_ellienash_x
Hazel Aden - _hazel
Jimmy Brooks - OPEN
Marco Del Rossi - beenthecarmarc0
Paige Michalchuck - cheer4paige
Spinner Mason - spinnertheman
Terri MacGreggor - OPEN
Emma Nelson - _sparklespaz15
JT Yorke - _jty0rke
Liberty Van Zandt - OPEN
Manny Santos - ms_santos
Sean Cameron - _seancameron
Toby Isaacs - OPEN
Chris Sharpe - OPEN
Kendra Mason - OPEN
Dylan Michalchuck - OPEN
Sully - ___sully
any other characters that are not on the list just ask about.

remember, the whole point of the game is to have fun. =)