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Like · sands · through · the · hourglass...

Bloody hell, what is wrong with this country?! I enjoy it here. I…

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Bloody hell, what is wrong with this country?!

I enjoy it here. I really do. I like my job and my sexy boss, I like my new flat and my sexy roommate, and the Yanks seem to be hogging the vast amount of pretty lads in the world like LaNada, but things have been so dodgy the past few weeks that I feel like I'm walking in some bloody nut's dream.

The day after the night that the boss and I were locked out of our flat, we went to the clinic to find the whole place trashed and rubbish thrown everywhere. My favorite bottles of Smirnoff were thrown around too, all empty, and my watch was stuck on the drawer of the file cabinet. I hadn't even noticed it was gone and I would never drink that much vodka at one time, please. It looked like I had blown the clinic all to hell!

Fortunately LaNada was reasonable about it and didn't immediately sack me, but he did still seem suspicious about it and I don't really blame him. It seemed the nutter had fucked with the internet connection as well - we've been down ever since the incident. Been a hell of a time trying to get the office back to normal, so good onya, you bloody drongo.

Gotta get back in the boss's good graces.... I don't get uptight easily, but I'm about to quince.
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Sympathy for the Devil - Guns N' Roses
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