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Like · sands · through · the · hourglass...

Just when I thought things couldn't get more dodgy, these blokes…

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Just when I thought things couldn't get more dodgy, these blokes manage to blow me outta the water.
I haven't seen Lenina around for a donkey's years. I was about to start panicking about being bloody homeless, but then the boss offered his flat to share. I have to say I wasn't expecting that, but I am a good obedient worker and I do what I am told hopefully him if I play my cards right. I'll split gas with him, no worries; I tried to get a handle on rent but he just told me we'd work something out. My hero. Heh.
So that's a good thing. The bad news is that some bloody strange things have been happening hereabouts for the past few days. Strange noises, people going missing, things disappearing and other things going on where they shouldn't...the boss gave me an earbashing about messing around with his journal. I must've looked like a stunned mallet - didn't even know he had a journal.
If I wasn't so used to odd shit from life before Da carked it, I think it'd be easy to freak right out.
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