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I've been looking for days now, and I can't seem to find Shayna anywhere. I've even tried calling Nick to see if he could give me a hint on where she's been, but he was missing, too. This is so weird because normally, I can get in contact with him wherever he is even if he's on the crapper. I tried going to LaNada's to see if I could find Nick, but he wasn't there either...

Then again, the place was all dark, the lights were flickering, and there were some weird moaning noises coming from upstairs, but there aren't any stairs! Anyway, I left after doing a quick sweep of the office. It was bad enough that I felt like I was being watched the whole time. I tried looking for Kiran, too, when I couldn't find Nick. I still need to figure out what he wanted to tell me, but I didn't see him either...

LaNada wasn't there, now that I think about it, but the door was open... weird.

After that, I went home and I baked myself a cake and ate it while watching different musicals.

This whole thing is so weird... I can't seem to get into contact with anyone, and there was a weird as hell message on my phone, something about someone wanting to tear out my uterus, but I figured it was a crank call, so I deleted it. Fucking teenagers, always fucking with people's heads.

At least my darling Shayna isn't like that at all <3 I'll probably try looking for her again tomorrow. The more I think about her being around her boyfriend, the more I get nervous. It's just not a healthy relationship, you know?

I'll try calling Nick again later tonight just to make sure he's okay.
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