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Bloody hell, what is wrong with this country?!

I enjoy it here. I really do. I like my job and my sexy boss, I like my new flat and my sexy roommate, and the Yanks seem to be hogging the vast amount of pretty lads in the world like LaNada, but things have been so dodgy the past few weeks that I feel like I'm walking in some bloody nut's dream.

The day after the night that the boss and I were locked out of our flat, we went to the clinic to find the whole place trashed and rubbish thrown everywhere. My favorite bottles of Smirnoff were thrown around too, all empty, and my watch was stuck on the drawer of the file cabinet. I hadn't even noticed it was gone and I would never drink that much vodka at one time, please. It looked like I had blown the clinic all to hell!

Fortunately LaNada was reasonable about it and didn't immediately sack me, but he did still seem suspicious about it and I don't really blame him. It seemed the nutter had fucked with the internet connection as well - we've been down ever since the incident. Been a hell of a time trying to get the office back to normal, so good onya, you bloody drongo.

Gotta get back in the boss's good graces.... I don't get uptight easily, but I'm about to quince.
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Nick seems to be having a lovely time playing soccer in the attic with an invisible ball. I wonder when those dimwits will start looking for him, much less suspecting anything of LaNada. Stupid goons.


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For my next act, I shall trash LaNada's office and make it look like Kiran did it. I locked them out of the house last night. That was very amusing. Poor unfortunate souls.

I bet Nick's having a wonderful time hehehe

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Well. Have I been busy.

Nick is officially missing. I was at LaNada's house, at Shayna's house again and I even looked LaNada up in the yellow pages and went to his office.

By the way, he so isn't a dentist.

Shayna was clueless but told me Lenina might now. Which I already know she doesn't. LaNada was AWOL at both places.

Goddammit. I'm starting to really worry. I haven't eaten or slept well in almost a week. I need to talk to Nick. I need to find out if he's okay.

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Just when I thought things couldn't get more dodgy, these blokes manage to blow me outta the water.
I haven't seen Lenina around for a donkey's years. I was about to start panicking about being bloody homeless, but then the boss offered his flat to share. I have to say I wasn't expecting that, but I am a good obedient worker and I do what I am told hopefully him if I play my cards right. I'll split gas with him, no worries; I tried to get a handle on rent but he just told me we'd work something out. My hero. Heh.
So that's a good thing. The bad news is that some bloody strange things have been happening hereabouts for the past few days. Strange noises, people going missing, things disappearing and other things going on where they shouldn't...the boss gave me an earbashing about messing around with his journal. I must've looked like a stunned mallet - didn't even know he had a journal.
If I wasn't so used to odd shit from life before Da carked it, I think it'd be easy to freak right out.
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I've been looking for days now, and I can't seem to find Shayna anywhere. I've even tried calling Nick to see if he could give me a hint on where she's been, but he was missing, too. This is so weird because normally, I can get in contact with him wherever he is even if he's on the crapper. I tried going to LaNada's to see if I could find Nick, but he wasn't there either...

Then again, the place was all dark, the lights were flickering, and there were some weird moaning noises coming from upstairs, but there aren't any stairs! Anyway, I left after doing a quick sweep of the office. It was bad enough that I felt like I was being watched the whole time. I tried looking for Kiran, too, when I couldn't find Nick. I still need to figure out what he wanted to tell me, but I didn't see him either...

LaNada wasn't there, now that I think about it, but the door was open... weird.

After that, I went home and I baked myself a cake and ate it while watching different musicals.

This whole thing is so weird... I can't seem to get into contact with anyone, and there was a weird as hell message on my phone, something about someone wanting to tear out my uterus, but I figured it was a crank call, so I deleted it. Fucking teenagers, always fucking with people's heads.

At least my darling Shayna isn't like that at all <3 I'll probably try looking for her again tomorrow. The more I think about her being around her boyfriend, the more I get nervous. It's just not a healthy relationship, you know?

I'll try calling Nick again later tonight just to make sure he's okay.
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I am going crazy.

I've been hearing these noises in my attic that sound like beating and screaming, and I keep having memory lapses. People tell me of strange things I did which I have no recollection of.

And the other night after I went to sleep, I woke up driving again. Apparently to the clinic. I had gasoline and a box of matches with me. Yeah, the job's been rather hectic lately, but still...

I have not done drugs since vowing not to. Maybe this is all some kind of fucked up withdrawal shit? I don't know, but I'll be glad when things go back to normal. Perhaps I should see a real doctor?

I caved into sexual frustration and let Kiran move in with me. The poor guy was looking for a flat, and I'm awful lonely here by myself, so why not? A perfect match, and we can split gas money 50/50. He mentioned rent but that won't be paid for with money.

Oh, and speaking of which, that devil entry you posted as me, a real riot. Now stop reading my journal.
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Yeah, so I heard about Ryan and Simon the other day. God, Simon is such a jerk! I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I know I said that I can't break up with him but I think I came up with another solution... I am going to kill him. I love him but he's too abusive. I saw him the other day to ask him why he did that to Ryan and he like, flipped out on me and started to hit me. I grabbed a lamp and busted it over his head and ran. I always run. I'm sick of running... so that's why I'm going to invite him to a romantic dinner and poison his ass. Teach him to not fuck with me ever again.

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Yeah so um there was a huge gas leak down the street and everyone in the building got evactuated for a while. Couldn't write.

Ahem. Now that I'm back.

Uh, haven't heard from Nick in a while. Actually, no one has heard from him in a while. Tomorrow I think I'll look up LaNada and ask if he's seen him because apparently he works there now. Ran into Lenina at the Dollar Store right before the gas leak. She was buying baby clothes and toys and stuff. Said they were for her neice.

She didn't know where Nick was either. I'm getting kind of worried. Maybe he's sick?

I got a UPS package the other day from somebody I've never met in my life. There was a set of handcuffs - of all things - in there, as well as a note that said "Thanks for everything, sweetie, and make good use of these." Uh...I don't remember asking any Tim F. Baxter for handcuffs?

It smells weird in here. I wonder how they got all the gas out of everywhere, anyway.

I'm gonna go lie down...
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