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looky looky im neeew

Fave band member:Davey
Fave album:December Underground at the moment
Fave song:Kiss And Control, 37mm, Endlessly, She Said and Love Like Winter
How long have you liked AFI for:ever since i saw my ex's older sister with an AFI patch on her purse and asked her who they were and she introduced me to them. that was back in...01 maybe?
Will you follow rules:Naturally
Are you Straight Edge:Almost. I'm a recovering party girl but recently realized how stupid i was being and have sworn off drugs and alcohol. But it's going to be hard to give up my cigarettes.
Have you ever seen them live:Unfortunately not
if so.. How many times:
Will you promote the community:Sure why not
Are you in the Despair Faction:Yuppers
Or the Official AFI message board:not yet
If so.. What is your board name

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