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_darkwater's Journal

The Dark Water Community
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.Dark Water.
This is a community for the fairly recent horror sensation Dark Water. Any fans of the original book by Koji Suzuki, the original Japanese movie, or the American remake can join.


Dark Water was originally a book by Koji Suzuki, the same man who wrote the 'Ring' series. (Ring, Spiral, Loop, and so on.) The book is actually a collection of short stories, and the main storyline of the movies comes from one of those. You can buy this book in English either here or here.

Later on, it became a movie, obviously. It starred Hitomi Kuroki as the character 'Yoshimi Matsubara'. The director was Hideo Nakata, of the original Ring, and The Ring Two. This version can be bought at Amazon.com for $14.99.

Now, there's going to be another movie, for the mainstream audiences of the United States and various other countries. Jennifer Connelly is staring as 'Dahlia Williams'. It was directed by Walter Salles, of The Motorcycle Diaries. The official site for this version can be found here.

+ No flaming, of course. You may post your complaints about certain things, however, as long as they're on topic.
+ You can post ads for your community/website, as long as it relates to the community. So, in other words, no general rating communities, Jessica Simpson fanclubs, or whatever.
+ Icon/graphic posts are allowed. However, know that some people use dial-up. Only three icons are allowed without a cut. Any more than that, then they need to be hidden. Wallpapers and such automatically go behind a cut.

And that's it, for now. Rules may be added or edited at any time.

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