I've waited for a while to get the original Japanese versaion of Dark Water, however, the local Movie Stop has royally fudged up my order and I never got it so I ended up just cancelling my order. I hope to get it for Christmas now since I pointed it out to my mother. w00t ....
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I was looking at today, and found this here:

The one class of "liquid contaminated by a dead body" stories that has anything to it centers on water tanks and city reservoirs. It has occasionally been true that bodies (human and animal) have been found in these containers. The remains of four-year-old Kali Poulton was one such find -- the toddler had been killed in 1994 and her body hidden for two years in a water tank in a Northern Telecommunications building in Rochester, NY.

Oh, and Happy Halloween to all of those who celebrate it. ^_^
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