Soul of Avalon

Further tour?

DT's been in Asia and Australia in september, but does anybody here know whether they'll be touring in other countries this year? Really want them to come to Europe again SOON!
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Carnage Caused

DT Down Under

Finally! As many of you may already know, DT is embarking on a perilous journey to the shores of the land that's girt (no, we don't know what it means either) by sea. For five dates, to boot! So, hands up who's going? :P 

ALSO: anyone else care to testify to how awesome a DT live show can be?

15.09.2006 Perth, Australia - Capitol
16.09.2006 Adelaide - Australia - Unibar
17.09.2006 Sydney - Australia - Manning Bar
18.09.2006 Brisbane, Australia - Basement
19.09.2006 Melbourne, Australia - Hi Fi ($39.40+BF)
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Carnage Caused

Seeking Information

Does anyone know the name of the Dark Tranquillity font face they use from Projector onwards? Or, if anyone knows where I could download it? I've trawled a million font sites and I've found nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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An Interesting Fact

Did You Know...

That Dark Tranquillity have released approximately 113 (official) tracks throughout their career? (I counted all the tracks from Skydancer to Character, including the Demos, EP's and Bonuses :P)

That's one helluva band. :P
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Delight's Whimiscal Patterns Fly In My Head

Hello to all! I recently acquired the entire discography of our beloved Dark Tranquillity, grabbing the Skydancer + Of Chaos and Eternal Night re-release. Anders Friden has nothing on Mikael Stanne's pained, guttural roar. Nothing. As far as musicianship and enjoyability is concerned, it's impossible for me to choose a favorite. The Gallery is chock full of fantastic melodic licks, The Mind's I a treasure trove of great riffing. Projector's more New Wave inspired style resonates well with me, as do the intertwined electronics on Haven. Damage Done is a brilliant aggressive piece, and Character - what more needs to be said! Could anyone choose a favorite album?! It seems like a absurd concept - they're all good! Thoughts?
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