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/pokes comm with a stick--I mean, hi.

 Hello~. I go by lots of names on the internet: Kirk, Sylvia, whatever you'd like to call me, I can roll with it. 

So, I've always been pretty fascinated about supernatural and spiritual entities and whatnot and I used to do tons of research on them when I was younger. I've always known that some part of me isn't entirely human, but I never knew what exactly. Nothing felt right. So after some time I stopped searching and looking and decided to focus on the more corporeal world around me. Then I became friends with a medium and started looking into things again. I was googling angelkin when I found something about demonkin instead. I'd never thought of or considered the possibilty before that. Turned out it was a pamphlet from a place called "Church of G.O.T.H." and at first I questioned if it was legit. I read through it, and it has a relatively decent amount of explanation and information in it. I realized as I read through it how much it applied to me. So I had this little revelation about the possibility, and then started looking back more at my past and whatnot, and sure enough. I'm a demonkin. 

Knowing that is enough to feel at ease with myself and my demon half, finally, after all these years. Of course, I'm always wanting to know and learn more about otherkin. Most places are pretty dead (last signs of activity usually dated around 2008), but since this place at a post as recent as six months ago, which still isn't that recent but it is an improvement, I thought that I'd give this place a shot. 

I also happen to know my demon half by name and have spoken with him (demons are, I imagine, genderless, but he's a very masculine presence so I use male pronouns in reference to him. He doesn't mind). I've actually had automatic writing sessions with him before I even knew about demonkin and whatnot, I think as far back as 4 years ago was when I first "spoke" with him. I call him B as a safety precaution since he is very much Goetia-flavored, and I imagine spouting his real name around places would just be... unwise. Despite who he is, or the rest of him that isn't a part of me, he's really cool, protective, and whatnot. Tells me I need to take better care of myself all the time. He's also a huge troll. Only answers the questions he wants to answer, and waits for me to figure it out myself, even if that takes a long time. But that's also good, I imagine because that helps me to learn things and figure them out for myself.

My medium friend, who is also now my boyfriend, happened to have a Seal of Solomon for protection that he would wear. He came to visit, and while he was in town, I happened to touch it to see what happened. I'm not prone to headaches very often, if at all, especially severe ones, but I happened to get a really bad one from touching it. He said it was probably because it was burning me (as it is intended to be holy protection), so he actually went out and bought a Seal of Baphomet to wear instead, just for me. I ended up touching that one to see what would happen. At first, there was this sensation in my head like the burning from the Solomon was being healed, and any time after that, I felt this sort of purely raw energizing power from it that made me feel stronger. I'm in a very exploratory phase right now, I guess. It's all very fascinating though, and kind of uplifting, to know who I am now, and who is here with me.

But yeah, hello to the comm, and anyone who might still be around here! I tend to be prone to wall-o-texting when I'm fascinated with something, and for that, I apologize. xD;

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