knight_ace (knight_ace) wrote in _dark_otherkin_,

Hello everyone!

Afternoon all! Name's Wild and I think I may be one of you guys

 I just found the term otherkin this morning, and it fits me quite well, all my 25 years of life I've felt like I don't belong here, like I'm not human...I often refer to myself as my human side, and my other. What that other is, I'm not sure....but it's definitely something that is/was bad, evil even....I feel as though I'm being punished by being kept in a human body I can't stand...for what I don't know

Anyways, I feel like I have some kind of seal keeping me in this body because every attempt I make to leave it (astral projection and so on), I get so far and then something rips me back to here....and this probably sounds stupid even to you guys ^_^

I think the reason I was put here was so I could see humanity as one of them, but I don't see why, all I see is greed and hate and corruption, all things I know well...If I ever get enough power I'm gonna flamegrill a few humans heheh ^_^

Oh and I feed on darkness, on hate, on rage, all kinds of negative things....I firmly believe if I didn't hold onto my hate and anger from a lifetime of humans mistreating me I'd just fade away, I'm not actually all that evil, more...indifferent, if humanity were to dissapear, I just wouldn't care...all I want is out of this body...I believe in magic (or magick if you prefer) and I believe that were I not sealed in this flesh prison I'd be able to reshape this reality to my whims (which is probably what got me incarcerated in the first place ^_^)

I don't know if all that makes me an otherkin, or if I'm still the only one like me in this world, either way, I'd like to get to know some of you, see how you cope with being abhuman and living in a world filled with the disgusting meatballs (well it's mainly men I dislike, I'm male, but I'd rather not be, I find men to be rather useless and stupid.....women, I find just as pathetic, but I appreciate the form much more and would much rather be trapped in a female body than a male one)

Where was I going with all this?.....uhh....

Blast! Forget what I was on about....anyways, I've often been told by people that I seem older than I am, or that I've seen worlds not this one...I like to think that I have

But I've taken up enough of your time, so I'll end it here ^_^

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