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I suppose this is what I get for having all my questions answered.

The whole otherkin thing, spirituality, and everything like that... lately I honestly haven't thought about it, or even cared. I know that everyone has their periods like that, but it's like I'm BORED with it or something. I'm not human, ok, got that. When you come right down to it, it's not that big a deal, and lately it has been on my mind as much as, say, my skin tone or eye color. It's just a part of everything else, so why should I care? I don't really have any questions about spirituality, life, the universe, or anything anymore, and when magic seems banal and simple...

I guess the only example I can put it that everyone can get is that when you were young, super super young, walking was interesting and fun and new. now you don't even think about it. or driving. When you start it's WOAH, and then later it's almost a chore.

Anyone else get this way sometimes?

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