October 29th, 2008

Seeking insight

I just joined this group. I am a vampyre, or at least a vampiric entity. I have found lately that ideas of myself held since early adolescence may be wrong. I do not claim to be anything noble or royal, but hold to my own honor code and morality.

Oddly, I didn't join this group for insight about myself, but for a person I care to understand better. We have been friends a short time, but we've grown very close. He is demonkin. He claims to be from a "noble house" of demons, but was the black (or maybe white?) sheep of the family, before coming into his current existence.

I'm trying to find information on demonkin in general. I've read that they tend to be rather chaotic and that they also vary greatly, so I guess getting any infomation that would relate back to my friend would be unlikely. Especially considering how little I could find on my own. I'm not even going to ask about "noble houses", or Greater Demons, or whatnot...
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