May 10th, 2008

Old Tome

Greetings Otherkin

My name is Lucian. I am part Noble Vampire part Noble Seelie, or part Nobe Seelie and part Noble Un-Seelie. I'm so tied into everything that it is hard to tell. Its nice to find a place to talk and hang out, even if it is online. We dark ones aren't very well received in the pagan community (at least not where I am from).

Most of the people at the shop I go to are either wary of me or scared shitless. Some of them deserve to be scared shitless. They should know that they are not my enemies. My enemies have never lasted very long. I am just coming into my full potential, though it started years ago.

I would love to talk to anyone from the 3 groups of Otherkin I mentioned. I only get contact with the occasional potential here and even then I haven't crossed paths with anyone who is ready to be awakened.

Message me anytime, can't wait to talk and compare notes.

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