April 23rd, 2008

Group Intellect


Hi, I'm Fayanora. Actually, we're a collective of several minds. Of those, two are human, four are from another planet, one is not sure what he is yet, and one is a shapeshifter with a penchant for demonic forms.

Fayanora is the name of both the system and of one of the people in it. Also called Fay, she is from a planet named Traipah. Her species name is Ah'Koi Bahnis. They are humanoid hermaphrodites (both male AND female in the same body), and look like human females except for some differences:
1. Their eyes have no visible pupils, because they don't have one pupil for each eye; each eye has thousands of microscopic pupils.
2. Their skin colors come in every color and color combo one can imagine, not just typical human colors. Pure white, pitch black, electric green, purple with yellow spots, you name it.
3. Their hair is the same way.
4. They have a retractable, prehensile penis that resembles a very long, green tapered worm and can lift up to 15 pounds.

Tristan, the "original," is practically one with Fayanora. The line between them is extremely thin.

Negarahn is from the same planet as Fayanora, but of a different species. "His" species are also hermaphrodites, but are carnivores and can go about either on four legs or two. They can only run on four legs, though they can walk on two.

Shao'Kehn is a Goddess from Traipah, and She is an Ah'Koi Bahnis in form.

Pi (short for Pyrayton), is the shapeshifter. He doesn't know the proper name of his species (his memories are sKetchy), but he calls his species Omni-Daemons. A Daemon, to us, is a creature that is made of flesh but can change into a form other than flesh. For example, beings who could turn themselves to stone and back again at will would be stone daemons. Thus, an Omni-Daemon can turn into anything it wants to turn into, like pure light, fire, water; even into combonations (turning to stone and fire at the same time would let them take on a Lava form. Fire and Sand would make a glass form, and so on.)

Lo and Molly are the two humans. And you've already met alex_antonin. He's still exploring the possibilities.

We're here mainly for Pi. Alex uses his own LJ to do his own thing.