December 6th, 2006

For All Vampiric-kind

(Note: Don't have to be a vampire to be vampiric.)

How many of you astral feed, and how often?
Do you dream-walk (travel to others' dreams)?
Or have you done either of them before?

Kind of always wondered how many are there really. How many living astral vampires are there?

Who or what do you feed on? Is there any control, or do you not care? Do you ask permission, or don't really see the purpose of that?

All really good questions that haven't really been discussed that much, as I am an astral vampire of sorts. And I do feel regularly through dreams/astral usually every couple months.

There have been time where I've fed on random astral people/entities, and other times where I've dreamwalked to feed on someone from school. Its interesting, since I don't really know them personally, but I guess I sort of use my eyes to 'scan' and find out what type of person they are... sometimes I think that when they look back, the locking eyes can form a link, even if its just temporary.

I've fed on atleast a few people I've known from school, or from random people I don't know. And the next day it seems they have an adversion to me, even if they don't know why, or force themselves to disbelieve that it was quite possible I was really in their dream.

Ah, I have met others on the astral... but really no one in waking. Only online, as I ask some psi/psys if they have ever fed astrally, they say yes. And I don't doubt it. But really, is there anyone that does it regularly? And that they are also somewhat 'naturals' to astralling?

All things I've always wondered.