October 12th, 2006



Hello there... wow, I wish there was a better way of going about saying hello to everyone since I'm a new one in the community: but I suppose this is the best anyone could do.

I'm actually really new to "otherkin" in general, like knowing the different types and such but I've been studying vampyres for a long while now. I used to think I could possibly be one because of my pale skin, draw to blood and the night, but it seems to have settled down into much more than just those three things.

I realize now that my father isn't human. He can't be the way he behaves and looks. I've talked to several about it and they concur that he could possibly be a were-creature. However, that's not what I'm here about. I'm here over myself. I'm Forrest Cyd Parkyr, and yes, I happen to be the young age of sixteen. But I also know that I have unnatural pains in my upper back and sometimes in my lower back as if I support wings. I've seen them in my dreams too. They appear back with dashes of red and silverish talons or claws at the points. I tend to also feel them expand and tense when I'm angered, though I suppose that would be a natural thing for wings to do. I also have rather sharp canines, and I appear to have talons or claws instead of fingernails as well at times. What's weirdest of all is that I tend to have what I can only see as fox's ears while in my form. They're on the top of my head and red with black tips: very natural. I'm also into the pagan religion, but I grew up with an absense of religion in my house, so going into one is a bit harder than most people think as I don't really know how religions work on a whole.

Does anyone have any input? I feel really lost.
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