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You haven't lived unless you have seen Sala Baker in a blue lycra suit

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This is a community for all things Sala Baker. Once met, never forgotten!

Events Sala is scheduled to attend in the near future:
15-16 July Weekend with the Stars, Las Vegas

A Sala Fansite made by our very own gorgeous raptoe, who also made our layout here, thanks again!
Sala IMDB page
A Sala Interview
Sala Wireimage page

Sala, alongside Bruce Hopkins and Lawrence Makoare has been involved in Operation Read, to find out more please go to this page on Bruce's Official Website.

Sala has attended numerous Charity events, including:
Style LA Runway Show for Stop the Violence/Face the Music
"2 Love" All-Star Reality Network To Benefit Step-Up Women's Network
"Celebrate Summer" Event to Benefit the Secret Angel Foundation

Other events Sala has attended:
Celebration of New Zealand Filmmaking and Creative Talent
Cannes Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival
National Geographic’s All Roads Film Project Festival
Rock the Vote
The launch of Eddie Would Go, Eddie Aikau Biography

A website with information on Film Festivals around the world

Please could everyone, me included, lj-cut any large pictures, for people with slow connections, or who may be reading this at work...or some such place, thanks.