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Why are you people not posting graphics? Its like you people dont even come in the community. Right now i would be happy enough if you atleast posted a message lying to us saying you would have graphics soon, but please people work with us. whats a grahpics community with no graphics? i dont care if what you got you think looks like crap, just post it.
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im really disappointed in this community. i have some of the best graphic artist on lj and you guys do nothing for this community. very sad. i will have the net soon and will try to make this a better place. till then, ryan and dick are still in charge.
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I would like to say sorry. I have been rather busy over the summer and thus haven't had much time to work on my images. Hopefully with the classes I am taking this year I will have access to some major software to help me. I would also like to remind people to post their info or apps or whatever we are calling it. I'm not even sure if I posted mine, so if I haven't I will be going back and doing that. I also have a few ideas that I will be putting out there sometime this month if I think they will help. Peace out from the Hippie
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Its been almost 2 weeks since she left and asked us to post stuff and to promote. I admit i havent done any graphics but i have promoted, not enough but i have done it. Even if you think it looks like crap post it anyway, im sure we can give constructive critism. Keri is gone for now, and im sure nothing would make her more happy then when she gets the chance to get back on here is to see some great stuff from you guys. So please do your share of promoting and making graphics please.

oh yea, if you havent mosted your application please do so, let us all know who you are and stuff. thanks
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i would like lots of things. PEOPLE POST YOUR GRAPHICS!
can someone make some promos for us. and if you could make some darker rules ect.. for the info page that would rock.
and i would like some joey jordison graphics. any kind. and some south park too.
thanks love ya bitches!
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i noticed that everyone who joined didnt post an app. for those who didnt, if you read this, POST YOUR APP! i tried to make an easy going community and im glad that we have 20 members ((w00t w00t!!)) but you need to post your apps, how are people suppose to make graphics of interest to you if you dont post an app telling about you, thats the whole point of the thing. im not mad.
but when we get up to say 50 members, anyone who doesnt post a complete app or hasnt will be banned. not trying to be harse. that is a long way away anyway... but thats just the way it is
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1:: name - Blythe
2:: age - 15
3:: location - Rochester, NH
4:: colors - red&black, orange, black&rainbow
5:: music - ermmm about any subgenres of rock.
6:: bands - From Autumn to Ashes, Atreyu, Slipknow, Saves The Day
7:: hobbies - sex. i think i need another hobby. haha.
8:: .t.v. - stand-up comedy.
9:: movies - the breakfast club. requiem for a dream.
10:: websites - MySpace. thereddeadbunny.