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I am going to cross post to/from my personal thing.

I am not here to tell you what to believe. I am not here to guide your beliefs. I do not wish you to fail, to prosper, succeed, to be miserable, to be happy. It is simple, I do not care. My opinions do not matter. My beliefs do not matter. I do not matter. You do not matter, you god does not matter, your life does not matter. There is nothing here for you to cling to, you bring your own dogmas. Create what you will. I have made you a god, you control as you will, destroy what you will. This is yours, feel the strings intertwine into you, connected to all things your will is tied to all things. Yet, you do not matter, no one knows of your existence. You do not know of your existence. There is nothing that can happen, nothing that is hidden, you see, you feel, you know all. Yet you know nothing. You are created, yet remain to be. There is nothing with you, there is nothing without you. You are nothing, your thoughts, your beliefs, nothing. Those that would follow you, those that would oppose you, are nothing. I cannot tell you what to believe, I cannot give you clarity to continue. You are alone, yet surrounded by everything. You are nothing, you are everything. Death and Life are beyond you. Existence to their will alone, your life to their will alone, you are not one, you are many, you are none. You are a collective consciousness, a stream of nothing, a waking dream. You are beyond the cusp of reality, of knowledge, of sight. You exist only as a means to satisfy hunger, a means to keep them from killing each other. Random thoughts make up your existence, incomplete thoughts of imbeciles.