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Dark Chaos Firelogs

Send an Instant Owl!

Dark Chaos - A Harry Potter Second-Gen RPG
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A Harry Potter First Generation (2005-2009) and Second Generation (2010 - ?) RPG

For complete game information, please visit the Dark Chaos Wiki.

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Currently-Played Characters - A.K.A., the Second Generation -

Previously-Played Characters, now NPCs - First Generation Characters

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Dark Chaos: A Harry Potter RPG

In Harry's 6th and 7th years at Hogwarts, Voldemort's rise to power was fast, decisive, and unmerciful. Many survived, but many innocent lives were taken. Muggles, the families of Muggleborns, and Bloodtraitors alike were easy targets. Families were devastated, and a number of students were left without parents, or siblings. The list of the deceased grew at an alarming rate. Dumbledore's Army continued to prepare themselves for battle, while the Order of the Phoenix was forced to take a defensive stance.

In the meantime, the Death Eaters rose in power and increased in number, recruiting several students into their ranks. Looking to make the Wizarding World a less friendly place for those of lesser blood, they took up positions of power within the ministry through the use of Unforgivables and unsuspected spies. With Minister Cornelius Fudge currently in Azkaban for illegal dealings that he may or may not have been involved in, Amelia Bones serves a brief period in the Ministry, questionably appointing Lucius Malfoy as the Deputy Minister for Magic. After her mysterious death, Malfoy steps up as the new Minister.

Harry's 7th year ends with a bang as a battle ensues upon Hogwarts. Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix go head to head with the Death Eaters, ending with the collapse of the school and the long-awaited death of Lord Voldemort.

With Voldemort out of the picture, the Wizarding World can go back to their normal lives - or can they? The Death Eaters and the Harry's friends are aware of the existence of one final Horcrux - the cup of Helga Hufflepuff. But where was it hidden after Bellatrix Lestrange removed it from the Chamber of Secrets? And what's happened to the bones of Tom Riddle Sr?

As the search for the bones and the final Horcrux continue, a power struggle is beginning to ensue between the generations of Death Eaters. Who will come out on top?

History of the Firelog: In the fall of 1996, Fred and George Weasley create a device called the Firelog, used to send messages called Instant Owls (IOs for short), similar to the Muggle concept of instant messaging. This handy, portable device is met with immediate popularity, and soon, many people in the wizarding world are telling each other, "IO me!" Tragically, the Firelog is the last creation of the Weasley twins. Fred Weasley is killed by Death Eaters in December 1996 when he encounters three of them terrorizing a young Muggleborn girl one evening.