i'm a pirate! arr! (badficwriter) wrote in _daredevil_,
i'm a pirate! arr!

Daredevil Fanfiction Directory

The Daredevil Fanfiction Directory has been updated and can be found here:


It contains a listing of Daredevil related fanfiction of all ratings and a resource to their whereabouts on the Net. Fanfiction is divided up into general action/drama, slash, het, crossovers outside the Marvel Universe, works in progress, and fics of Daredevil related characters where Daredevil does not appear.

Some links go to portals at archive's request. Further site navigation at that point is up to the reader. Site is updated annually, or whenever enough new stories are brought to my attention. For questions or comments, email Lamashtar@aol.com
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