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Geez, this is bad.

I've watched, previously, about 85% of that Daredevil movie.

Today, I watched 100% of it.

I didn't miss a thing.

My previous assessment was absolutely right. It's one of the worst movies, ever. Stan Lee, or whomever signed off on that sweaty piece of turd, should be beaten and shot.

Daredevil was:

A vigilante murderer

Wore a stupid mask that everybody kept snatching off him

Stupid enough to confess to a catholic priest that he was a serial murderer and assaulter

Lacked a radar, and only had a sonar

Lacked martial arts training, save what he learned by punching a speed bag

Two words: P-U.

With garbage like this blowing in the wind, it's a wonder the book hasn't been cancelled.
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