Giuseppe DiGiorgiö (signor_giuseppe) wrote in _daredevil_,
Giuseppe DiGiorgiö

Frank Miller

In my quest to get to the root of all comics' innovators, I'm currently working my way thru three inches of Frank Miller's Daredevil. I love seeïng Miller and Janson's art develop together, but what is the point of that ever-annoying supposedly subtle slipping in of how he became a superhero? Was it a big thing in the early '80s to make it possible to jump right into a comic at any time? It's pretty much th'exact opposite of Kevin Smith, where he makes actually subtle references to as many past events as possible, and where only th'expert is qualified to read it. I'm halfway thru all of Miller's work, and will prolly finish if just to see th'artwork, but does he ever stop with the Daredevil-origin-in-every-issue storyline?
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