As comics readers know, Marvel has the Marvel Universe series. It details characters, their backgrounds, powers, abilities, etc. Internet types know what Wikipedia is, too.

Marvel has now adopted a wiki format on it's website, and this allows the readers to contribute to and expand characters, far more than the Marvel Universe books can, and far faster.

So, one of my targets was Daredevil: the Man Without Fear.

This is what they said about Daredevil, at first:

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Imagine my surprise when I found that they decided to go ahead and publish my changes. This is the "new, improved" Daredevil:

I am so floored, I don't know what to do. Daredevil is one of my favorite superheroes, and I have gotten the chance to sustantially, dramatically change the interpretation of him, due to Marvel's acceptance of my views and writing style. This is truly a good Sunday, indeed.
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LJ Plea

DD Comics

For those of you reading this, I have several DD comics on E-Bay that are ending today. Several are written by Kevin Smith & the entire collection of DD: Man Without Fear written by Frank Miller. Here's the link.

Geez, this is bad.

I've watched, previously, about 85% of that Daredevil movie.

Today, I watched 100% of it.

I didn't miss a thing.

My previous assessment was absolutely right. It's one of the worst movies, ever. Stan Lee, or whomever signed off on that sweaty piece of turd, should be beaten and shot.

Daredevil was:

A vigilante murderer

Wore a stupid mask that everybody kept snatching off him

Stupid enough to confess to a catholic priest that he was a serial murderer and assaulter

Lacked a radar, and only had a sonar

Lacked martial arts training, save what he learned by punching a speed bag

Two words: P-U.

With garbage like this blowing in the wind, it's a wonder the book hasn't been cancelled.
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Not sure if it's expanded to cover comics yet, much less specific companies/characters. But y'all might want to hop over and check it out.

To look for/post fics about other characters you like, if nothing else. ^_^

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It's been well over a week, and there have been absolutely no suggestions whatsoever. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I would have thought that at least one of you would have had one to make(!).

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I think it's about time to expand the interests on the comm's userpage, so that people searching for communities/people they have common interests with are more likely to find, and hopefully join, us. Get it a bit more active here.


Taking suggestions. Don't forget to doublecheck and make sure that 1.) your suggestion isn't already in the interests and 2.) it's spelled right.

I guess I'll wait... about a week, before actually posting any of them to the interests list, so that 1.) people who only check LJ every now and then due to time constraints will get a chance to contribute and 2.) I can get it all done at once instead of having to alter it multiple times.

Hmm. I think that's about it.

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