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by Christopher g Starling

Five hundred years ago, America, a new democracy full of hopes and dreams for a free society of equality and liberty, founded itself upon a well-worn framework of slavery and genocide. Those great men, our so-called forefathers, who spoke much of the noble and worthy notions of state and country that we hear so repeatedly these days, were not advertised as wicked or barbaric. After all, the enslavement of African slaves and the wholesale killings of the indigenous natives was no big moral scruple. In fact, in the beginning it was a divine duty, with rewards no different from that of the Holy Crusades against the Muslims.

And it is because these things were such normal practice that it was not necessary to write them down. Therefore, the truth of these events of our American history are easily smoothed over by the canonization of the so-called forefathers. Besides, just imagine if every account of brutality against non-white non-Christians was catalogued. As time goes one, and research methods become more sophisticated, we are learning that the number of Native Americans exterminated during the first 400 years of this great land of freedom is less like 3 million and more like 100 million.


This divine duty, writ forth by the Pope himself (who, of course, was in direct contact with God himself), allowed the great nations of Europe to rape the land and peoples of Africa, the Americas, and various other lands, believing (or, at least saying so), that the raped were better off for it. For example: an entire island of passive, prosperous natives driven into violent extinction no longer lived in pagan sin. Children who had their heads beaten into rocks or buried alive were, in papal fact, lucky the great white man, in all his holy goodness came to rescue them.

Also, the concept of natural slaves was wide-held among Europeans. How attractive was this: natives were put on the earth simply to be slaves. But not just anyone’s slaves—the slaves of Europeans. And better yet: this wasn’t racism. The natives were less than human. It was really no different than using a mule to till the land. God never looked nicer, right? Not only does he reward massacres with a free pass through purgatory straight on to heaven, no questions asked, but you had the right to enslave as many of these human-looking beasts as you could handle. And by the way: if it were not for men, such as these, who preferred the benefits of economics to those of mindless, psychotic killings, starvation would have likely prevailed across Europe before the conquests of the Americas would have much use. After all, first priority of the voyages was gold and slaves—not spices. not spices!

Next, the land of the Americas was itself a divine right. It was believed then that somewhere on Earth there existed the paradise spoken of in Genesis—the Garden of Eden! and men would discover it when they finally became ready to return. It just so happened that after all those empires, after all those years and decades and centuries of warring over little strips of supposed holy lands, that on the other side of the planet there existed a land, mind you: inhabited by millions upon millions separate peoples, that had been waiting (since the breakup of Pangea, i suppose) for Europeans to evolve into a fine-famined, black-plagued, politically and religiously tyrannical, and morally vile people—so well-deserving of Eden. So when Columbus discovered India—i mean, the small island of America—and he found all those wonderful naked people with their peaceful societies and rich land, it as if Heaven had been really been discovered. And no one, especially some savage naked beasts, were going to stop Europe from conquering it.

(How could they? God said. If it would not have ended when it did, the white man would still be fighting for the Americas, claiming his divine right to the land and its people. Certainly it is easy to open any major newspaper and find examples of this happening right now in certain holier parts of world. Who knows? there may eventually come a time when the white man has won all the holy lands he can dream up. And who’d be surprised if they suddenly turned out to be not so holy after all?)

So, in the light of God, that ever-present goodness, and the grand wisdom of his most loyal vicar on Earth, there really wasn’t anything wrong with what the Europeans did (even today, their ancestor, who have prevailed into the superpowers of our planet see little wrong with both what has been done and with what is being done). Sure, there were those who opposed these cruelties of the past. This is no different than today, however. There is a substantial opposition to genocide, slavery, globalism, etc. There are even various Christian sects, which having matured from the Catholicism of the Crusades and the Inquisition (though rather hypocritically), do not condone the acts of the roots of their god’s foundation on Earth. There are those who choose to think as individuals, instead of fanatical patriots and god-fearing subservients. There are dissenters. There are atheists. There are anarchists. There are terrorists. There are enemies—of state and god!

And so the genocide and slavery of human-looking humans continues with the same goal at hand: domination of Earth and its non-white, non-Christian peoples.



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