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_dangerpants_'s Journal

Defying Gravity, One Pair Of Pants At A Time
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The community that is complete and utter pants. And damned proud of it.

Men in pants. Men nearly *out* of their pants. That's what Danger Pants is all about. Got a piccie of a pretty who's nearly losing them? Share it with us! If the pants are in SERIOUS danger, put the piccie behind an lj-cut for those of us that surf from work or have small children lurking. What can you post in Danger Pants? Well, first and foremost, PICTURES. Pics of amazing guys with their pants near falling off. But this ain't no hardass community (though pics of hardass guys are always welcome, but I digress). Wanna know what's allowed here?

  • Pictures of men in Danger Pants

  • Pictures of men losing their battle with Danger Pants

  • Drabbles that focus on men in Danger Pants

  • Ficlets that focus on men Danger Pants

  • Songs and poetry that focus on men Danger Pants

  • If your fascination leans towards the fairer sex, please visit our sister community, _dangerblouse_

  • You get the drift. You're a bright person. *nod* When in doubt, ask. There's an email addy up there *points up* and I check that mail every day. Enough rules. Bring on the fun!! Bring on the DANGER!!!

    What Is Not Allowed

    Posts that contain nothing except links to other communities on Livejournal, or to sites outside of LJ, are not permitted. Upload the picture to your photo sharing host and then put the image in your post. It is absolutely fine to link back to the source as a way of giving credit, but you must have a photo on your post to the community.

    You can use LJ's rich text editor to insert a photo or you can use the following code: < img src= "URL OF THE PICTURE" >. Also, if your image is NSFW, LJ cut is your friend.

    We all want a chance to kick back and scroll through the pretty.

    Danger Pants. Where gravity is doing it's best to help.

    The inspiration for this community and our Patron Saint.
    Justin "My Hips Weren't Intended To Hold Pants Up" Poortinga

    A word from my co-mod, muck_a_luck: Regarding this photo, my friend and now colleague cocoajava said: "Now if you will excuse me, I have to find a local shop that can enlarge a small black and white photo up to life size so I can have Justin "Danger Pants" Poortinga grace MY bedroom wall. Ah hell, he's going up in the dining room. Cause he's tasty." And _dangerpants_ was created only hours later! Please join us and feel free to contribute. Perhaps the entire journal should be labelled "barely worksafe." Cause that's sorta the point. And Mr. Poortinga? I was shocked to learn he is *always* in danger! You will find a pic spam of him over here from uisgich that is quite alarming!