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For Dancers; Videos, music, movies, images, and more.

Dance LikeNo OneIs Watching

Dancers are a unique group of people in the world. They have willpower & strength to continue dancing each day. This is a community for all dancers to unite with each other! So please make sure to join &
make sure to introduce yourself. =]

Hello Fellow Dancer, I'm the new maintainer Wakanda_8 and I hope I can keep this great community running. Remember to read the rules.


1: Absolutely No Spammning or advertising in any way shape or form, it is not tolerated or allowed.If this rule is broken you will will be banned without notice.

2: If you have images over 300x300, please but them behind an lj-cut.

3: Be respectful to everyone, we all are there for one common interest; love of dance.

4: Video are allowed. Make sure they are within the lines of the layout table, please make the adjustments.

5: No adult content, keep everything PG/PG-13

7: If you'd like to share a dance Fanmix, please follow Rule2# and make sure to put a warning if there is adult content in the music.

8: You may post dance videos of yourself, just be aware that this is the internet, thank you.

9: Dance related movies reviews and recommendation are allowed, again remember RULE2#, RULE5#

10: HAVE FUN!!

11: SHARE:

Dancers Unite! Everything Dance. Come share videos, talk about your favorite routine, why you love to dance, and more.