Clubland dancer looking for more challenge

Over the past eight years, I've been enjoying dancing at nightclubs, mostly to industrial & electronic music. But I had always lacked the physical strength, flexibility, and training to take my dancing anywhere beyond.

About 12 months ago, I started physical training to help with flexibility, endurance, and strength. After a year of training, my dancing has improved greatly.

I want to take my dancing even farther now. But I'm not sure where to go from here. Obviously continued physical training will be beneficial, but I'm wondering whether the time is right to sign up for formal instruction.

However, I don't know anything about the sorts of styles that exist, much less how each style would be beneficial to my clubland dancing. Given my interests and history, what would the community recommend?


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Selling some never worn Bloch Aspirations, size 6c (street size 7.5/8). I can include ribbons and elastics and lambswool. 40$ shipped.

Discount Dance Supply put them in my order by accident and didn't bill me for them, and said they will take them back if I pay thanks.

Kpop Dance xD

* If this isn't allowed (because I'm a noob) I ask that the mods just take this down.

Hi, so I'm president of Dance Club even though I only started dancing hip-hop three years ago when I was 13. Besides girl's hip-hop, I know some salsa and breaking (breakdancing). I'm practicing choreographing just to get used to being imaginative with intertwining the beat and the body. ^.~

(the ending sucks because it was underveloped T.T)

here @ [info]a11i_sun.

ohh maaan

dance sucked soo bad today.

I did tap duet just fine, I felt weak but I blamed it on being 8:30 a.m.

I had an hour break so went home then came back at 10:15 to do lyrical class. My legs wouldn't losen up during stretches and my arms felt like jello. We started to do the dance, it isn't hard and I usually do it very well, but today was a different story. I couldn't do a double pirouette to save my life and could barely stay on releve. Then my dance teacher added rolling splits to the dance. WELL. I don't know why but when I do splits i feel like im going to vomit and rolling splits hurt even worse, I actually puked this time, has anyone ever heard of this?

then I smacked the back of my head off the floor during a shoulder roll.

hulloo again :3

Back again, last post was in march?! Cheezus that was a long time... anyways, lots of changes, changes for the better :3

lets whip out the list shall we? :3

final mix for All Cal had all the songs listed except I took out I2I and replaced it with Wow - Kylie Minnogue...*
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We won 4th at All Cal, which was a step up from 5th... UCSD took 5th instead i think... and USC, the newcomers took 3rd*

Evolution had an official banquet for the first time and it was emotional and very moving :3*

Evolution also went to Las Vegas to compete at Pulse, a dance comp hosted by Sharp International and Collabor8... which was awesome because we took 2nd place :3*
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after all was said and done, i moved back to San Diego... it was hard for about 2 and half months... i started getting back into dance and whatnot. I started going to StudioFX :3 great place and I also go occasionally to the San Diego Dance Center to take PGN classes*

I finally got a job at Starbucks about 2 monday's ago... started on September 30? or 28? I think it was the 28th... good ish...*

I also get to be a dance teacher at StudioFX. But unfortunately, as of late, my status as a dancer/choreographer/teacher isn't reputable enough to ensure a spot as a teacher at that studio so I think that my chances of being a regular teacher has pretty much been postponed or something... hopefully that'll change and I can be a regular teacher there :3*

which brings me to today...

also something highlights for the month of September :3

Invincible Workshop (All Male On Sundays)*
Greg Chapkis, Lando Wilkins, Jayson Wright, Momo, Twitch, and someone else that i forgot... oh well... his routine didn't catch my tastes... The workshop was a dedication to Michael Jackson, so you guessed it, all the routines were to MJ songs :3 and then later that night, partied in the Gaslamp Quarter with friends :3

Boogiezone SD Launch! *
Kickin it off, Mike Song taught the first BZSD class at StudioFX (where it's going to be held). And the recent teacher this past thursday was Candace Brown, which btw, I was part of the select groups but they haven't posted the video for it yet. A couple of reasons why they haven't: 1)haven't had the time, 2)Candace posted the same routine that was taught at Millennium Dance Complex so perhaps she didn't want it to be posted twice...

but here's the mike song routine! Collapse )

so yeah... hello again everyone !!! ;3



Its been a long time since I've been an active dancer, but I'm starting to get back into it since my college has a very active dance team. I'm wondering if anyone can suggest some stretches? My lower body flexibility has gone out the window because of running, and its been a VERY long time since I've been in a dance class, so I can't really remember the stretches. Any suggestions?

Also, since I've been out of the activity, these little things called "foot undies" have appeared?! I've never seen them before, but a few girls on my team have them and they're talking about placing a large order for everyone. Whats the general consensus on these things? I feel like I'd rather have the strappy leather sandal-looking lyrical shoes of my childhood than these little things. Are there different sizes? I'm confused!

2 Months eh?

Well a lot has happened... I'm done with my team, Evolution Hip Hop and I wish them well... Now, it's off to do my own thing and start thinking about myself for a change... I need to start looking up talent agencies... and see when their auditions are.

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that should last you a good minute :3 have fun ♥

Newbie Here!

Hey! There is hardly any dance communities out there! I stumbled upon this one, since it looked to be posted on often. But anyway a little bit about myself I guess.

My name is Lindsay, but call me Lin.
I just turned 24. I'm getting old! *cries* nah just kidding
I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada, but I am now living in Tokyo, Japan for the past 2 years.
I started dance seriously I guess only a year and a half ago. I took a few classes during university, but I never had the training, and understanding behind dance moves and the feeling until I came to Japan and started going to dance lessons, and just emerging myself in the Asian dance world.

And just lately I've been getting more serious about dance, and wanting to perform on stage, maybe even professionally, so I guess a lot of journal talks about something to do with dance. So if you are also looking for dance friends, feel free to add me :)

I am studying Hip hop, crump, lockin', poppin, and New Jack Swing. I also try break, but I'm not so good at that. ^^ I am going to try house and jazz classes soon, so I hope they turn out alright.

Lately I have been performing on stage around Tokyo every month with my teams and it is always such a great feeling.

Here is our performance we did last month. ^^

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Initial Existence Dance Studio 
Green basketball shorts = Megan Branch 
She was 14 at the time so her dancing's still a little sloppy 
Sorry for the bad video quality -- watching it in HQ might touch things a bit up