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LJ Dance Party is based around a silly little concept I had one night. What's the concept, you ask? Why, I figured that since I know a couple of dancers on LJ, and each of them knew even more dancers, I figured we could use a place where we can critique each other's clips.

Or, you know, if you don't want to get critiqued, you could just say so.

So come in and show off your skills and enjoy the skills of others. Learn! Share! Dance!

What style you dance is moot. What music you dance to is moot. If you show up clearly in the videoclip you link, that's A-ok.

If you wanna record yourself, get a camcorder or a webcam. The rest is quite easy to figure out. Then you upload it. This is a pretty good place to upload your video clips. And finally, you link it hear and talk about it if you wish.

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