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I see the moon, the moon sees me...

Just a little niceness but I was staying at my friend's house in Barrow-in-Furness over the weekend and I saw the most fantastic moon. Not quite full but so bright! It glinted off the sea like the beam from a lighthouse. Anyone else see it?
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hi im sarah, im 14, and i love the rain, i love dancing in the rain, singing in the rain, kissing in the rain, i also love puddle jumping. I dont like dancing in the rain by myself though so i always have to find someone. some times when its really bad, im not aloud to go outside. so i sit on my porch and count the time between the lightning and the thunder....
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Hello, my name is Mary. Have you ever woken up in the morining and thought I want cookies. So you go and make some from scratch and they're super good, even though the bottoms got a little burnt? Well that is what I did today. It was fun. I am sick though. Actually it is because my emune system is down from, well, dancing in the rain yesterday. Anytime it rains that is what I do. Once it was absolutly pouring outside and I was at school and everyone else was freaking out about getting wet. So I grabbed my friends hand and dragged him outside and we danced and were late to class, it was right before my final for that class too. Hehee it was fun though. And well worth it. Well I'm going to go and eat a cookie and maybe do the dishes.... maybe. Comment if you want, because I'm so nice that I don't care. lalalalalala. *skips off*
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who has a really good survey thing with questions "about yourself"?

if you look at the last post and the entries.. youll see we might have everyone fill one out.
it would be a great way to meet new people on here.. that you didnt know existed.
learn who has the same interest as you (besides loving rain).

if you have one.. please leave a comment or emailCollapse ) it to me.

thanks so much!

*poke* anybody alive?

ya know whats really annoying?

1) this community being completely dead


2) the weathermen saying its going to rain and thunderstorm.. day after day.. and it never happening.

COMMENT!! we need suggestions, ideas, and actions to be made..

HOW will we liven up this community?
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This community should be used more often because it's such an awesome idea and I think more people should write in it and join and stuff. (ramble ramble). It hasn't rained recently around here, not significantly anyway, but this place is also about carpe diem right? well, when it doesn't rain, i'd have to say that the greatest thing to do is relax with some cool people and throw some disc around because even if you're not friends with the people, it's suddenly like it doesn't matter because you get so into the awesomosity of the game.

Peace out,
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Midnight walks in the Rain

The other night it rained, not too hard, but I've been waiting so long for the rain to return after such a miserable winter, so I went out in the dark and the rain and took a walk down to the pond out behind my house. I climbed the rocks (somewhat slippery) covered in soft, saturated moss, and climbed out onto a large rock that resides in the middle of my pond and just laid there int he darkness and the rain for about half an hour. I wanted to stay longer but I was very cold and I was afraid if I stayed any longer I'd have fallen asleep seeing as how it was nearing midnight. But it was still exquisite.
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it rained today. well, last night, early this morning. and it woke me up
and i was like whooooooaaaaaaaa its raining. and then i was gonna go outside but then it was cold and wet and there was lightning and wind and i decided not to. i love rain tho. especially dancing in it. dancing in rain is the best. well, making out in the rain is like 890237409283 x better. but w/e... rain is rain, and rain rocks my socks. =)