September 10th, 2005

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Hey -- my name's Grace, and I just joined. And I figured I'd post the top 10 reasons...

Why I love to dance in the rain

10. Because it calms you down enough to think clearly if you're really upset.

9. Because when you spin around in circles, it feels like you're spinning with the sky.

8. Because when you lie down in the wet grass there's just something about it that's tantalizing.

7. Because when the first rain drop falls from the sky and onto your skin, you know that for at least 25 seconds, you can dance without anyone caring.

6. Because chances are the people who dance with you are the ones who really care, so if you're not dancing alone, you know you are truly loved.

5. Because even when you're dancing in the rain alone, it's still like a blanket that keeps you safe.

4. Because when it thunders, nobody can hear you screaming out all the pain that not living builds up inside of you.

3. Because when you tailgating and you're all frustrated with everyone's ignorance and it starts to rain, everyone else goes inside, and you can have some space to finally let it all go.

2. Because even if you're just sitting in the middle of a rainstorm, it lifts you up and suddenly, you're flying.

1. Because rain has healing powers.
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