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it rained here a while ago and i was feeling HORRIBLE. nothing in my life was going right.

so i went out and started walking around my block, which is about a mile long, then running. i was wearing jeans and a tanks top and no shoes, but i was just jogging and spinning and kinda dancing a little. when i got back to my house, i was completely soaked all the way through, but i felt so much better.

rain makes things better.

Not in vain

A new project "Kissing garden" has been launched: very beautiful, nice
music, strong positive energy.
Kissing Garden
In the Garden fruit grow and get ripe not with the sun but with kisses.

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It rained last Friday. The rain always makes me unexplainably happy. After school, I was the only person standing out in the downpour, but I didn't care. Someone called out "Hey, don't you know it's raining?!" and I laughed. It was one of those rare moments when I just didn't care.

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I'm in the marching band, and we had to play in Auburn for a competition.
It was so lovely, the rain.
It rained for two days straight.
I'd say I miss it, but it was kinda cold.
Either way, it felt so good to be outside with almost all of my friends, getting wet and ruining our instruments for a bit of fun.
Partway through, we all got to squeeze in under a balcony and watch the rain slow down and then speed up. Lots of us took off our shoes and ran through the puddles. I didn't, I was so cold. But that's okay, because we all had fun. xD

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Hey -- my name's Grace, and I just joined. And I figured I'd post the top 10 reasons...

Why I love to dance in the rain

10. Because it calms you down enough to think clearly if you're really upset.

9. Because when you spin around in circles, it feels like you're spinning with the sky.

8. Because when you lie down in the wet grass there's just something about it that's tantalizing.

7. Because when the first rain drop falls from the sky and onto your skin, you know that for at least 25 seconds, you can dance without anyone caring.

6. Because chances are the people who dance with you are the ones who really care, so if you're not dancing alone, you know you are truly loved.

5. Because even when you're dancing in the rain alone, it's still like a blanket that keeps you safe.

4. Because when it thunders, nobody can hear you screaming out all the pain that not living builds up inside of you.

3. Because when you tailgating and you're all frustrated with everyone's ignorance and it starts to rain, everyone else goes inside, and you can have some space to finally let it all go.

2. Because even if you're just sitting in the middle of a rainstorm, it lifts you up and suddenly, you're flying.

1. Because rain has healing powers.
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tasteless music

heheh, i just found that old Belinda Carlisle song, Summer Rain in the depths of my computer. It's not half bad for an eighties-tastic pop song about dancing in the rain.

There has been no rain round my home for many longs, but I have been revelling in snow. I love water in all its forms but most when it's falling from the sky.
Keep dancing!