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Welcome to the Live Journal Community for Daisy Rock Guitars. Feel free to join the community and help promote. Please fill out the information below in a post after you've joined.


Where are you from?:
Do you own a Daisy Rock Guitar?:
How did you hear of Daisy Rock Guitars?:
Some of your favorite music artists or bands:

[you can also include pictures if you like, not required, but hey everyone likes to get an idea what you look like!]

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This is not a community based on the appearence of members.
This is not a community to put down people in any way.
This is not a community to promote other communities.


You people get the idea, I'm a friendly mod and you're welcome to join this community. This is for live journal users to talk about love for our daisy rock guitars, post pictures and trade information. Have fun, and please promote! You're not required, but I'll need help moderating and if you'd like to become one, prove it to me! If you read through all these instructions... make the subject of you're post, "Daisy Rocks".

Sincerely, Your Mod,

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