Oh, sadness. . .

No one posts here and it makes me a little sad. =(

Oh well...in any case, here's my first submission:

I miss my DQ!!!

I manage at the one in Parker, CO and have been on my 'maternity leave' since the end of the first week of December and I can't wait to go back the end of January. We're having the whole store remodled in that time, adding in a chicken wrap and getting prepared to also begin including the Iron Grill sandwiches. I'll be part of the updates, making an appearance here and there to learn things as they come and attend staff meetings and training on the new things we're bringing in, but it's just not the same.

Granted I'll be busy with my son and I can't wait to spend time with the little ninja that's been inside me all this time...but I miss my crew and my job.

Anyway. . .

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and all that jazz and I most certainly hope that you all have a splendid New Years and good luck to you all in 2008!
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i just  got back from the dairy queen across the street at my house... and i'm so frustrated! 

i've been CRAVING a frozen hot chocolate... 

i get there, order, they make it... with HOT FUDGE. 

now, maybe i made it wrong for SIX YEARS. but i always made it with COCOA FUDGE. two completely different flavors.

i ask him if he put cocoa fudge in, and he said no, hot fudge, that's why they call it the frozen "hot" chocolate. which i guess in theory it makes sense... but for 6 years i was never told to make it that way.

so, i very nicely say yes when he asks if i would like it remade.... 

and then when he remade it, it STILL didn't look right, or taste right!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then both he and the girl at the window continue to tell me how i'm still wrong but "have it your way" and that's just how they were told to make them blah blah blah... so i just say "well, i worked here for 6 years, and i used to work here too (cause i did)" and she just smiled and said "have a good night" 

i'm so irritated i want to find some official recipe and mail it to them...or tape it to the drive thru.

am i just crazy? do any of the store you work at, or shop at make them with hot fudge??????
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I now live in the UK and there are no dairy queen's out here and I am DYING for a real limeade! I have been trying to make them mfrom memory and it just is not the same. Does anyone know the exact recipe from DQ? I would be forever grateful!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

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i think that dairy queen has some kind of obsession with natural disasters.

brownie earthquake
arctic rush (makes me think of polar ice caps melting or something)
freezes (ice age?)
no one else comes close (ma first lj ico

well... you can't say we don't earn our money.

wow. I am talking about working drive-thru today. Our registers seriously need an upgrade. They are horribly outdated. By that standard, I guess the computer I'm typing on is outdated as well, since like the ones at the DQ, it runs Windows 98. Of course, my home computer isn't freezing up every two minutes. And it has a keyboard. Because the terminals at the DQ don't have keyboards, you can't Ctrl-Alt-Del them when the touch screen won't respond. You are reduced to pushing the power button and hoping for the best. However, with Windows 98, this is not a good idea, and makes your computer even more likely to crash. Even when the whole LAN was restarted, there was no success with the drive-thru machine. In the end, instead of "borrowing" one of the registers on counter (which works well when the shop isn't busy), we settled on a slightly old-fashioned but nevertheless effective way of handling things: by hand. Fortunately, between Porsche and I, all of the prices at our shop are committed to memory, no doubt because of the many hours spent repeating them back to our loyal customers. So everytime the register didn't agree with being restarted so forcibly, out came the calculator and the pencil. This actually worked quite well, and didn't cause near as much confusion, since we didn't have to worry whose register the order had been taken on. However, a busy day like that makes coming home feel great. Like I said, we really do earn our money at this job.

Hello from a fairly new employee.

Hi everyone, my name is Alicia and I've been working at a Dairy Queen located in West Texas for about a month now. It's my first job, and it's pretty cool/easy(don't really like my boss, but who does). Anyway, I stumbled upon this community and thought I'd give a shout out to all the other Dairy Queen employees out there.

By the way, who else hates making shakes and malts? Those things are so messy when you blend them.
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DQ logo

Anyone else seen the new DQ logo? What do you think about it? I think it is completely pointless. All they are doing is taking away the white outline and putting some orange and blue marks on it. Still has that red shape. The new logo is pretty ugly though, ugh
Executive Mischeif

Ice Cream Scoop Survey

Hello everyone.

I just joined the community and I was hoping this will not be considered off-topic, as it does have to deal with ice cream.

My boyfriend is going to school for design and he chose his product to be an ice cream scooper and needs some input so he can figure out what he wants his product to feature.

If you wouldn't mind going to this entry, I would appreciate it.

If this happens to off topic then feel free to delete this.

I never worked in a Dairy Queen because they were not around me, but I have worked in a mom and pop ice cream shop.

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This is on almost the same topic as the person before me posted. The customer is not always right.
First she comes up and asks if we have any cupcakes with spiderwebs on them and I say that we only have four left with flowers on them and there is not enough time for me to make some more. She gets angry about that, but I don't know how you can expect to come in and find what you are looking for. Next she orders her stuff and gets angry when there isn't a blizzard that she wants. So, I take her money and make her brownie earthquake, give it to her, and start her shake and blizzard, during this she asks me if I washed my hands after I took the money and I said No. She was like than I want you to remake my brownie earthquake.
Honestly if I spent the time to wash my hands everytime I took the money and make stuff, the water bill would be huge.
Then the thing was she didn't wash her hands after she gave me the money and went ahead and ate her stuff. So really she is contradicting what she told me.