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squeeze my lemon

zeppelin everyday!
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This is a community strictly for lovers of the inhumanly incredible band Led Zeppelin. You may talk of anything that's in the interests; also slash (or fan fic, whatever you wanna call it), posting of icons, colorbars, backgrounds, and FO banners are welcome!! Just to make the long story short, post anything pertaining to Zeppelin- think of it as a message board (old news, new news, mudsharks, how Robert managed to get into those tight jeans, stories of satanic pacts, literally ANYTHING about them). You may even talk about The Yardbirds, The Honeydrippers, or any of the other bands that the Zeppelin members were also part of, or about the solo careers of Jimmy, JPJ, and Robert. JUST MAKE SURE TO POST ABOUT ZEPPELIN-RELATED THINGS PLEASE!!!! I don't give a flying fuck about your personal life, that's for your journal, not a Zep community. And also, promotions of other communities is okay as long as the communities are pertaining to Zep as well.

And just remember: the more hot pictures, the better!!!

It would be much obliged if you were to introduce yourself to the fellow members of the community (cuz it’s just better if everyone knows who’s who and stuff). So, in your introductory post, please include this questionnaire behind an lj-cut. If you don’t know how to do that, read the help FAQ thingy or whatever, it’s not that difficult.

Where ya from:

What made you first get into Zeppelin?
Best song to blast on your stereo:
Favorite acoustic song:
If you could go back in time to ONE concert of Zep’s, which one would it be?
Which Zep song do you think has the best bass line?
Out of all four members of Zep, who do you think would win a fistfight lol:
Out of all of Jimmy’s guitars, which one is the hottest??
Are there any suggestions you’d like to give me on making this community better?

peace, love, & led zeppelin

exileonabbeyrd (moderator)