December 31st, 2006

let the damned breeze dry my face

introduction thing..

Name: Jules [I'd be a female, just for the record, since I do know a guy named Jules. But that's his real full name. This is just my nickname.]
Age: 15
Where ya from: USA
What made you first get into Zeppelin? My [ex]friend lent me III.
Best song to blast on your stereo: Ten Years Gone? I love blasting everything.. ooh, actually In The Evening. GREAT to blast. :]
Favorite acoustic song: The Rain Song, or That's The Way.
If you could go back in time to ONE concert of Zep’s, which one would it be? I wouldn't care, being there would be so awesome I'd probably faint anyways.
Which Zep song do you think has the best bass line? I don't always hear the bass line.. like, sometimes it'll stand out and sometimes it won't. Sometimes instead of mainly hearing the vocals and having the other elements fade to the back, all the sudden I'll hear the bass line and the vocals are kind of faint. It's hard to explain. But, yeah. I'll have to go find a song, now, and listen to the bass. :]
Out of all four members of Zep, who do you think would win a fistfight lol: Bonzo, from drumming he would have SUPER FAST REFLEX STRENGTH MEGA SKILLS.
Out of all of Jimmy’s guitars, which one is the hottest?? The guitars were nice, but I was looking at Jimmy, not the guitars. :]
Are there any suggestions you’d like to give me on making this community better? Nope, it's already great. :]
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