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Anyone else heard this?

Jimmy Page: Whole Lotta Gold & Zep reunion a step closer?

Jimmy Page will reportedly perform Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" with singer Leona Lewis at the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing Sunday. His performance will be part of the program signaling the handing over of the games to London, where they will be held in 2012.

Joining Page will be bassist Guy Pratt, who plays for David Gilmour and is married to Gala Wright, daughter of Pink Floyd keyboardist Rick Wright.

Meanwhile drummer Jason Bonham revealed that he is leaving Foreigner at the end of this month on a Detroit radio station Friday morning (8/22). Since Jason filled the seat once occupied by his late father John Bonham at the Zeppelin show in London last December, does this raise the likelihood of a full-fledged Led Zeppelin reunion? Jason says, "I've been working with Jimmy [Page] and John Paul [Jones] and trying to do just do some new material and some writing. I don't know what it will be, [but] it will be something."

Jason says his first priority is to "go and watch my kids grow up because they've grown up way to fast in the last four years." No word from Foreigner on who will replace Jason.
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