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the intro stuff:

Name: Jackie
Age: 33
Where ya from: Kansas

What made you first get into Zeppelin? friends. lots of friends that listen to Zeppelin.
Best song to blast on your stereo: You shook me
Favorite acoustic song: Going to California

If you could go back in time to ONE concert of Zep’s, which one would it be? Any of the BBC sessions
Which Zep song do you think has the best bass line? The Lemon Song
Out of all four members of Zep, who do you think would win a fistfight lol: duh, Bonham. No doubt.

Out of all of Jimmy’s guitars, which one is the hottest?? The Les Paul.
Are there any suggestions you’d like to give me on making this community better?
Interest facts: I just named my new (to me anyway) car John Paul Jones. My last car was named George Harrison. I always name my autos after my favorite musicians.
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