Hey everyone,

Listen as much as I love you all... lex hasn't really done ANYTHING in this community so I am leaving as her. I am staying as Ellie so no worries.

Please remove this journal from your friends lists.

<3 Nicole

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Alright guys, we have seemed to go a little off track so lets start rping and updating again. I don't want to see this community die, there are barely any active communities for degrassi now and I love you all very much!

And for those who haven't seen part 1 of the season finale..its awesome! I watched it last night on TV. ^.^

-Julz a.k.a Jay Hogart.

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Yeah I changed the rules I thought it was dumb. The rule was: 2) No killing off characters. And any major storyline must me okayed by the mods first. This means pregnancy and marriage...etc.

IT has been changed to: 2) No killing off characters.

If you want your characters to get pregnant or married its up to you.

♥ Jataya/Manny.