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"Would you walk for that?"

For David? Of course.

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A David Desrosiers LJ Community
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Welcome to _d_desrosiers_!

This is a community dedicated to the one and only David Desrosiers of Simple Plan!

If you want to join and post, please follow these simple rules.

[x] You MUST be a fan of David.
[x] Post whatever you want, as long as it has something to do with David or Simple Plan.
[x] If your going to post a picture, put it under an LJ-CUT, please. The same goes for promoting other communities.
[x] If I EVER find anything posted and feel it's irrelavent/hurtful/etc., I have the right to, yes, DELETE it.
[x] Don't TyPe LyKE DiS. It's annoying, it's not correct English, and I (and others probably) will think you're a moron.
[x] Do NOT come here and express your hate for David/Simple Plan and call us losers for being his/their fans. This is not the place to do that. I WILL report you for harassment.
[x] We all know that David is very, very nice looking. You don't need to tell us how whatever you think he is.
[x] Be nice. ;)



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