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Anyone else getting excited from seeing Daria on DVD commercials? I saw them while watching Adult Swim on demand, promoted by http://www.dariaondvd.com

I'm still going to buy from amazon since it'll be cheaper, but I think the t-shirt's cute and I think it's awesome they're promoting it.

Just had to share my excitement.
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Sunday Night Sims - Daria and Trent!

I've started a YouTube channel for my Sims videos, and I'll have a playlist every week with clips of what my Sims are up to (if I find it entertaining enough to upload, that is).

So this week, I went to Daria and Trent's house. Trent tried to make Smart-Milk for their daughter, Janey, but he kinda failed. Then, he and Daria made out on the couch... twice.

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Standing On My Neck: A Daria RP

Hi! I'm new to this community. I've been a huge fan of Daria for ages, and have just recently got into the online community.

Anyway, I thought I should let everyone know that I've just created a forum RP for Daria. Right now, it's just me and one other person, so we need as many members as we can get.

If anyone's interested, the link to the site is below:


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Just joined...

I haven't got a clue why I haven't joined earlier, but I'm a HUGE "Daria" fan!  I guess you can tell by my current icons and LJ layout.  :D  Anyway, I posted this piece of fanart about a week or so ago on my journal, but I thought I'd show it to my fellow Daria fans here.

Title:  Proper Punishment
Characters:  Tom, Trent, Daria.
Rating:  PG-13
Disclaimer:  I don't own Daria.  MTV/Viacom does.  :(
Notes:  I always wondered how Daria would react if anyone (especially) Trent saw her Highland yearbook(s).  Also, this is the *edited* version, by that I mean that I darkened the background, fixed the font/border, and such.  Not that it was edited for content.  ;P

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A Guide To Downloading Daria Via Torrents (xposted like mad!)

Hi there, fellow esteemsters.

So, loads of people here have only got a few Daria episodes off limewire, and are desperately seeking another fix of an adventure time they can enjoy without ever having to leave their room (or cardboard box, with a high-speed internet connection). Unlike hiking trails*, I have the solution! Love me.

A recent post led to a completely accidental rant on my part about the wonders of Azureus, a downloading program, especially with such large scale things as the Daria series.

Some extremely kind and noble person was about to upload (on sendspace or whatever) individual episodes of Daria. That's about 200MG per ep, killing the time, effort and bandwidth of both the up/&/downloaders, as opposed to torrenting, where you can go bit by bit (without having to sit there for one single file).

The only problem is, it's kind of confusing..

I downloaded like 3 programs (Azureus twice!) and just kept opening them, staring at them blankly, and deleting them.

I don't know utorrent, but I think bittorrent is one of the commonest. I found it too simple, and thus confusing to fiddle with (kind of like how I feel about macs sometimes, if that makes sense!) But I'll show you how to use Azureus on a mac, and I'm sure it's basically the same on a PC.

So, here's a smarmy, colourful, and hopefully clear and helpful guide to torrenting the best show in the universe.

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 Does anyone know where I can get daria bases? I was planning on making an icon but I as hoping for good baes(or pictures) of Quinn alone. Let me know if you know of any please? :)


Hey there!! Just joined the group. I am a huge Daria fan! Periodically I'll post fanart. Also, I'm working on a Daria set of Magic: the Gathering cards. If you want to check them out, click on the Daria card in the menu of Ixidor's Magic Studio. And I swear that's the last time for a long while I'll mention the site! :)
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Muli-Fandom Icon post

[20] Clarissa Explains it All icons
[5] Daria Icons
[2] animated Golden Girls Banners
[1] Golden Girls non-animated banner
[5] Golden Girls icons
[4] Kelly Clarkson Icons
[18] Lizzie McGuire Icons


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

see them all Here at icons_of_random
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